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An encounter you will never forget

In this 4-day Men's Initiation you will be initiated together with other men in a community of and for men. By participating in this initiation you say 'yes' to discovering your Human Being as a man. And this is unique for each man and at the same time its essence can only be discovered in connection with other men who have preceded you in this initiation…

“I am not exaggerating when I say that the initiation was a life-changing experience for me.

It felt like I finally came home. That deep connection with other men who are vulnerable and incredibly powerful at the same time.

It made me realize that our society needs men like this. That the world becomes a more beautiful place when men take responsibility for themselves and their environment in a powerful and loving way.”


“Before the initiation, I was mentally and physically exhausted. I was shaky and with a major operation ahead I needed strength and so I signed up for this initiation on the advice of friends. What a rollercoaster it was! Never before have I been so put in my masculine power. Invincible. Man join in! You will grow from this and learn what it is to take responsibility for your life.”


“He came home from the initiation, clearly impressed by the experience. I saw that it had touched him, that it had done a lot to him. He had a super nice energy. Very grounded, open, calm and a deeper voice. A very nice state of being, which really invited me to connect.

It is also very nice to see his continued enthusiasm about it since then and the drive to continue to support Erik in this work”


“I can still remember his arrival home. He had grown (even in height, we checked). He was super enthusiastic, energetic and completely empowered. His eyes sparkled again, he could take on the world again! I'm sure this energy has helped him through this difficult period, he has been strong and optimistic and had humor, even at times when I didn't feel like it anymore. I am grateful that he participated in this.”


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