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4-Day Men's Initiation

The next dates are as follows:

17 t/m 21 Januari met terugkomdag op 25 Februari
February 28 to March 3 with a return day on April 7
April 10 to April 14 with return day on May 12 (English!)
May 22 to May 26 with a return day on June 16

More dates, see below

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Hello you there, man reading this. Welcome and how nice to meet you through these words.

Because you are reading this now, chances are that you are being invited to take initiative at this time in your life. And not just any initiative, namely taking a step that leads directly to discovering who you really are, what your unique destiny is here on earth and what you create with this destiny.

It is also not unlikely that this invitation has come your way because a call has been heard from your innermost being that is now being answered…

And if, like me, you are a bit like the 'average' person, then this is not the first time you have been invited to take a new step. Every time there is a reason to put the call deeper so you can keep doing what you've always done. To stay in your own created 'comfort zone'...

Every time you don't listen to your inner voice you know deep down that this is not leading to your essence and fully utilizing your unique qualities. Qualities waiting inside you to blossom, to be lived and experienced…

And yet there is something that often prevents you from taking that step (in full) and there is 'that fear' that blocks, so understandable and it is that fear that calls to be heard and to be liberated...

In this 4-day Men's Initiation you will be initiated together with other men in a community of and for men. By participating in this initiation you say 'yes' to discovering your Human Being as a man. And this is unique for each man and at the same time its essence can only be discovered in connection with other men who have preceded you in this initiation…

Just like with the ancient peoples of this earth, we follow the steps in 4 intensive days through various profound exercises / rituals and ceremonies to bring you deeper than ever on your unique soul path so that you can live even more to your full potential. And know... that you can start to discover that there is a whole community that supports you in that.

Tip of the veil:

On day 1 we say goodbye to 'our mother's world'. As good as it may seem/feel, your mother/a woman cannot teach you the essence of your manhood. For that we have to leave this 'mother world' and leave it behind us.

On day 2 we will really connect with 'our father's world' from where we take steps to discover what our own unique path is.

On day 3 we fall into 'brotherhood' in which we can experience that we are all 'in the same boat'. And that the journey we make together gives the needed and growing strength. So that we can continue to face the challenges offered by life and that will continue to come by taking responsibility for our own lives and thus continue to grow into a more powerful, more loving and more mature human being and, above all, by living our individuality, let our creativity flow. What a gift!

On the 4th and final day, we take time to prepare for our return to the life we came from. But that can never be the same again because we have discovered a deeper layer of ourselves. After saying goodbye and leaving the location tidy, we each go our separate ways.

Once initiated, you know that this community of men will always be there for you. A place where we can look ourselves and each other in the eye and recognize ourselves in each other. Where we learn and grow together from our challenges. In which we enjoy all the beauty of this life and from which we can create a world together with the women from love and care for each other, for our children, the earth and everything that has consciousness. So everything, because we are All(l)One …

Do you feel the call?
Do you feel sensations in your body when you think you are going to do this?
Then you know this is really about something…
Do you immediately feel a 'yes', I want to participate in this and want more information?
Or do you feel a 'big no' or one of the many possibilities in between?

Everything is possible! In all cases we are interested in you and would love to get in touch with you. Hearing you means to us that we can learn from each other and we all grow from that. In all cases, we invite you to send an email ( with your name, phone number and response. We will then connect with you in all cases and take the appropriate action, so that we can take the next step from there.


You can also register via our contact form. We will in all cases connect with you and take appropriate action, so that we can take the next step from there.

The dates for 2023 and 2024 are as follows:

8 to 12 March with return day on 2 April
12 to 16 April with return day on 30 April
17 to 21 May with return day on 11 June
21 to 25 June return day on 16 July
26 to 30 July return day on 20 August
30 Aug to 3 Sept return day on 24 September (English!)
4 to 8 Oct return day on 29 October
22 to 26 Nov, return day on 3 December
December 13 to 17 with a return day on January 7, 2024
17 t/m 21 Januari met
terugkomdag op 25 Februari
February 28 to March 3 with a return day on April 7
April 10 to April 14 with return day on May 12 (English!)
May 22 to May 26 with a return day on June 16