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your gift

Let's work together!

Your gift is welcome.

Looking at how life evolves, you can observe that 'a new generation' arises from what 'previous generations' have built and left behind for 'next generations'...

This awareness can initiate an inner process in which the understanding can be born that the world being created is not about ourselves, but at least about all of us. This also makes it clear that every individual action affects everything around us. From this experience of life, it feels so pure to offer the experience of this essential initiation/initiation on the basis of a gift. A gift from all the men who have gone before you.

That means that when you have completed your initiation, you in turn have the opportunity to contribute to the initiation of the men who come after you. In this way your donation, for what you received, gives someone else the opportunity to receive this experience as well.

It doesn't matter whether a gift is large or small, financial or otherwise, as long as it is given with the desire to offer it to others: of those who have gone before me and experienced the value of such an initiation. Let me now make a gift/donation within my means that reflects my gratitude, so that other men may also experience the benefit of this initiation.

Indien je een financiële gift wilt doen, kun je iets overmaken op bankrekening:
NL43TRIO0338593381 t.n.v. E. Spaans o.v.v. ‘Mijn Gift’

Thank you in advance.